About us

Chairman’s Speech:

I am glad and proud to announce, Royal Star Exchange has started functioning to give you better and enhanced financial service. Approved by the Central Bank of UAE, Royal Star is committed to deliver distinctive and focused Foreign Exchange Services across the globe with the support of renowned banks and financial institutions.

I am sure that we will be able to meet the demands of our customers and will provide them secured and reliable services beyond expectations. It is a known fact that the world of foreign exchange has been changing every minute. While keeping this in mind, we try our level best to keep up the traditional values by offering practical and intelligent foreign exchange solutions.

We hope to develop an outstanding reputation for our company so that our customers will be satisfied with the trust and confidence we offer. At this moment of extreme joy and pleasure, I feel honored and privileged to manage the one and only ‘ Royal Star Exchange ’

Our Vision

As a team oriented organization, we have our own goals and commitments. We want to make our presence universally and this will be one of our main objectives. Our vision is to set up our presence across the globe. Technology plays a key role to help our firm emerge as one of the leading foreign exchange providers. We use most modern technology with the support provided by an excellent team of skilled and enthusiastic professionals.

Our Mission

At the end of the day, it is not just fun and joy as we are committed to provide well-organized and affordable fund transfer solutions through best practices and using extremely competent skills. We wish to give our best service to our customers and bring up the culture of teamwork to achieve our target.

Our Values

We value your money. We would like to maintain a healthy and friendly relation with our customers thereby creating a rapport beyond imagination. We believe that we can make use of the good relationship we maintain with professional experts in foreign exchange and international payments to become one of the fastest growing companies.